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Windows photo editor software with HEIF (HEVC) support

Finally an application to create and view heif (or heic) images on a windows computer.

Sample von Zoner

Zoner Photo Studio X Brings HEIF to Microsoft Windows

Zoner Error 0xc00db3b2

When you get the error 0xc00db3b2 in Zoner reinstall the HEVC Video Extension from the Windows Store.

The HEVC Video Extension enables compatible Windows 10 devices to play video using the HEVC format in any app, including 4K and Ultra HD content. Compatible devices support HEVC in hardware, including Intel 7th Generation Core processors and other modern GPUs. If you are not using a compatible device, this extension will have no effect on your Windows 10 video experience.

Bandwidth Tester With Email Reporting

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Ich möchte sicherstellen das ich die Bandbreite erhalte für die ich bezahlt habe und sehen wenn es zu Problemen kommt. Dazu dieses kleine Programm, welches bei jeder Ausführung eine Email mit den Messwerten versendet und die Historie mit anhängt.

I want to be aware of my bandwidth at home, so I wrote this really simple console application in .NET (mono compatible!). This application runs every hour and sends me a report of my bandwidth.